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Your url was submitted to SND [] and has been chosen as exemplifying extraordinary site design. A screenshot and link to your site have been added to SND

SilverSpheres Award
First of all, we would like to thank you for submitting your fine site to this program and giving us the opportunity to review it.

Well done Paul ONeill, your site (bindii digital designs) has been judged by all three judges on the Silver Spheres judging panel and it gives us great pleasure to announce that you have won the SILVER AWARD! Your site will be placed in the winners page of Silver Spheres.


Congratulations! Your site has been picked to receive our "Quality Content Award" !


Netizen News [Daily Links Section]

"Avocadolite linked to this (heavy java) and, a very cool site that linked to i2k, a page that brings you to different sites, including some very nifty ones like bindii digital designs and inside SOMETHiNG....

Similar to which is where i oringally found spark-online, my favorite monthly zine. Metafilter found Rail Supermedia. Markside found, a decent E/N site. Wow.. lots of mp3s: check out audiofind (too bad most links are now invalid). Finally, memepool found Karl Sim's Blockies. A very cool page about Karl Sim and his project that makes AI in VR - self mutating blocks. You can check out the 9.1 mpeg here or here. The also found Captured By Robots. think GWAR meets KMFDM meets Robots. "


Golden Web Awards.

"Congratulations! Your web-site has been reviewed and chosen to bear the 2000-2001 Golden Web Award....."


Webmaster Awards

"Congratulations! You have been chosen as part of a select few to have won the prestigious Webmaster Award. After review of your website, our staff of judges has found your website to be in the TOP 2% of all the websites we've reviewed. Of the thousands of websites we review every month, our staff believes your web site to have exceptional graphics as well as unique & interesting content."

The Webmaster Award



"A Nicely designed personal site. Choked full o' goodies."




"Dobre... naprawde dobre."



Bindii added to i2k network at

"..i2k is a new way to network quality sites without banners or commercial hype."



Net diver

"...your site is now displayed in the explorative sites directory -- issue #9 -

Netdiver Network is a multiple award winning new media resource and freelance community. Over 78 countries visit! Your site was chosen amongst hundreds and is added to the directory as a valuable design, interface and content site! Our mission: to empower, educate and leverage new media professionals and promote excellence in new media projects! "




"Paul O'Neill calls this version "a whole new beginning" and I call it a great website. I really appreciate the fact that Paul's design portfolio is free of the typical sales pitches that cross the line between "creative" and "commercial", because I'd hate to miss this chance to recognize such an innovative site. At the outset, you notice that Paul is only using one half of the window space for content (vertically) and if you're like me, you wonder how he intends to pull that off. I found myself hoping that a vertical scrollbar wasn't part of the plan and was I pleasantly surprised His "slider" idea is unique and fun to use - and the "thumbnails" are done quite well, thank you. I was really impressed by the many covers Paul has designed and submitted to other design sites, and the collection of big "banners" that includes many submitted by other designers... there's a sense of community spirit here that you'll pick up on immediately. It's obvious that Paul's still working on several sections, but this site is good to go and easily grabs today's Best of the Cool -- what a sweet design! "

Best of Cool Award 19 July  2000




"E' stato di recente operato un restyling del sito che forse lo vede graficamente impoverito ma sempre molto interessante, la visualizzazione delle pagine Ŕ ottimizzata per una risoluzione video pari a 1024X768 e al suo interno Paul-O'Neill (web designer australiano) propone una serie di demo banner davvero interessanti, la struttura di navigazione Ŕ sviluppata a frames e si avvale di un js che implementa nella pagina uno scroll orizzontale con un effetto gradevole di "bouncing".

nella sua semplicitÓ anche grafica affidata a testi in 3d, Bindii propone lavori e portfolio on line con discrezione e gusto. Se non si ha sottomano un banner, fare una capatina nella sezione apposita non sarebbe una cattiva idea."



Somewhere there is a link back to my site, but do you think I can find it !



2000.07.13 & 2000.07.04

" 07.13 Paul O'Neill has just updated Bindii to version 5, and may I say looking good! "

"07.04: Paul's bindii web site is the most amazing portfolio site I've seen in... um, the last cyber year! "