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Another lovely lady has entered my life More is here >>

Seems my site made another book Web Design Index >>


Summer in Australia is slowly fading. My thoughts are turning to snow.....
Perisher& Thredbo

Two weeks til I become a dad. More is here >>


I found a lovely font site at http://bitmapmania.m78.com/

Web work 40 is here >> It is a splash page for the South Florida Indepenent Film Group.

More updates to my personal project are here >>

More updates to my personal project are here >>

Lets start the new year of on the right foot. Check out my new side project here >>

Not long til Christmas now. I hope everyone has a nice holiday season ( whatever your faith)... enjoy

Today I felt my baby kick... yes you heard right. I am about to become a dad. ETA is 15 April 2003.

Web work 39 is here >>

The i2k network is no more. I would like to thank Joe Jenett of coolstop.com for the fantastic opportunity to be part of a great community.

Here is a little private project I have helped on. Crucifiedvenus.com is online. Check out the pix and great art work.

The beach behind my place is washing away. As quickly as the sand is dumped on the beach, the winter swells arrive and wash it away.

north54.com is online

It has been a long long time since I have updated the site. I am officially unemployed (but waiting an offer)

I have been working on a small project for a local band called CRUCIFIED VENUS. Stay tuned.

If you want your daily fix of design news, then here is your source at the one URL. click here

I have just had the good fortune to move in with a lovely girl to a lovely location. Just in case you want to see the pix again....click here

I cant believe that I haven't posted any updates this year.
Here is a nice flash site >> http://hexadecimal.ice.org/

....been busy on the desktop front. Web work 33 to 38 starts is here >>

Web work 32 is here >>

I am a bit slow with the updates. gano design relaunches and so does disassociated.

I am so slack ! Sorry guys

I am stunned by the events in New York. There are no words to express it.........................

Work is driving me crazy.... but I got some good news. This site (and me) have been profiled in a book by Nick Greco & Kathleen Ziegler of DIMENSIONAL ILLUSTRATORS, INC. and is available at amazon.com. Basking in the glow of my fifteen microseconds of internet fame.

Just did my Visual Response for Australian INfront Click here >>>>>

My Mate nivek from ds9r.comis offering t-shirts.

Still working away earning a living but I miss being creative !!

What can I say.............. creative design and beer !!!!!     Go to REDISM...actually it aint bad !

C4design has been updated

Where has the time gone ??? All my personal projects are on hold as I am earning a wage...............

Still busy but have had the time to play around with Lego.

Currently listening to Rammstein >>

Busy busy busy and wishing I was sitting on a beach enjoying the fantastic Sydney Autumn weather.

Check out my t-shirts designs at threadless.com

I have finally had to put aside my goal of getting version 6 of this site online. It took a while for me to admit it but work commitments [testing cheque & data processing software] will be eating into my precious time.

If you are wondering what I am doing check out this link. A tad boring but It helps pay the bills.

Here is a link that I found at Media Inspirations. There are some some nice photos here at zuadobank.com

I'm back, jetlagged and with a huge backlog of stuff to sift through. Here is quick news update

- I have fixed up my guestbook. Sorry if you posted something and wondered where the hell it was.
- My friend Andrea Volpicelli has had his portfolio site hijacked. Bad form at the best of times but really dumb if you don't even bother to change the Italian Metatag keywords. Words escape me.............
-I got an ICQ pager message from someone whislt I was away but before I could reply the PC I was using crashed. The details are now in gone but if he/she could mail me I will give you the info you asked for.


Gone skiing for a few weeks. Look for me here >>>>>

My contribution to kiiroi scrapbook is here [Number 28].

Just put in a redirection script and other user friendly links for NN6 users....

Netscape 6 is driving me nuts. It has a great interface but this site looks like crap. I have put in a redirection script but even that works sporadically.........aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Also I just got my FATTIE CONSUMER T-shirt from designiskinky. Thanks guys.


Time just slips away. I have finally been able to do a little piece of my own. In the SUBMIT section >>>>

Looks like my Turkish friends (Alemsah Ozturk and Cagatay Bilsel) have been busy. New submissions are in the SUBMIT section >>>>

Archived News is here >>